Three Signs You May Need A Marriage Counselor

24 June 2017
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Although marriage counseling is spoken about quite often, many couples who could benefit from it either dismiss it as ineffective or fail to recognize the problems in their marriage that could warrant the intervention. If your marriage is not what it used to be, it can be helpful to work with a third party to try to resolve the problems. Here are a few of the warning signs that are easy to rationalize but do indicate that you could benefit from the help of a marriage counselor.

Financial Disagreements

Money is one of the leading causes of problems in relationships. While it's not uncommon for one partner in the relationship to take the financial lead and manage the accounts and bills, when the responsible party refuses to share information about the couple's financial standing, that's a key sign of trouble. If you or your significant other have been guarded about the household finances, don't want to openly discuss the situation, and find yourselves in the midst of repeated disagreements, a marriage therapist can help you reach a middle ground.

Clashing Parenting Styles

Bringing children into your relationship is rewarding, but it can also be taxing. When you have children, the entire dynamic of the relationship will change. If the two of you don't agree on parenting styles, that can lead to a lot of strain and tension. If you're not in agreement about how your kids should be raised, if you argue frequently over parenting decisions, or if you struggle to talk to each other about how you want to raise the kids, talking to a marriage counselor may help you to come to some agreements.

Lingering Past Problems

Whether it's a betrayal, a major argument, a poor decision, or any other issue, if something has happened in the past and one or both of you struggle to move forward and leave it in the past, talking to someone can help. Sometimes it's a situation where one party hasn't really forgiven the other for cheating, or one spouse believes the other is to blame for a major life decision that didn't work out. Meeting with a marriage counselor can allow you both to clear the air with the help of a neutral third party who may be able to help you both to move forward together.

These are three common reasons why many couples seek counseling. If any of these ring true for your marriage, consider talking with your spouse about working with a therapist who can help you learn to be a more effective and connected couple.